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 Tim and Robin Gray

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New Years Eve 1998

Hi, My name is Tim Gray  and this is my wife, Robin.

Glad you stopped by my site. It doesn't seem like much, but there are many hours involved in getting to this point. Many years of research to create the family trees and many years learning to use a computer and all this dam software. If one person can find some interest and learn something new about themselves, then it was all worth it.

We now live in Raymond, New Hampshire. 

I grew up in Everett, Massachusetts and graduated from Everett Vocational High School in 1976.
I then joined the U.S. Army Military Police Corp.
Where I spent the next 5 years in the following M.P. units

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Military Police Corp

110th M.P. Co. (Physical Security) Camp Ames, Korea

68th M.P. Det.   Ft. Drum, New York

109th M.P. DetV Corp. Headquarters,  Frankfurt, Germany

Check out  www.militarypolice.com

   I have been working on my family tree off and on for many years, and it is a never ending project.

My wife and I met 10 years ago and have been married 7 years, March 16th.  She is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii.  We spent our honeymoon there and hope to go back.   ALOHA!!!

We have 3 children.  Tonya, Jason and Amanda.  We are proud grandparents of Brandon who is 5 and Arin who is 4.  They are our pride and joy.  We are expecting 2 more grandchildren shortly.                                                                                                                                                                         

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Our Wedding Day March 16, 1996

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Camping at Searsport Shores
Summer of 1998 on the Penobscot Bay, Maine

Robin and I come here every year.  We both grew up near water and beautiful scenery.  Can't get any better.. At least we think so.  If we can't be in Hawaii, we'll settle for Belfast, Maine.    

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Labor Day weekend 1999
Wonder View Cottages  Belfast, Maine

Where's the marsh mellows hon?


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Our Jeep

1985 CJ-7 258 Straight six cylinder, Automatic

32 Inch tires on aluminum wheels

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  When were not working, jeeping, camping, vacationing, another enjoyment are the Scottish Highland Games.  We've started going 2 years ago.   It was quite exciting and interesting for those doing any genealogy searching.

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