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Leroy A. Paul
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Leroy Paul's Dodge Dealership in Downtown Belfast, Maine


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Leroy Paul Top Left
From the Boston globe Jan. 6, 1926

From many points in the Eastern New England there came to Boston yesterday men who handle the Dodge Brothers cars and Graham Brothers trucks on the first leg of their trip to Detroit for a three days convention. At this city they were greeted by H.D. Day New England district representative and Charles S. Henshaw, Distributor here.
Following a luncheon they all loaded for the South Station where a special train had been made up to run as the second section of the Wolverine for Detroit at 2:05 PM. There were a couple of hundred aboard when the train pulled out.
Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island were represented at the start. At Worcester, Springfield an Pittsfield others from Vermont, Connecticut and central and western Massachusetts will climb abroad. The party will reach Detroit tomorrow morning and spend three days there.
There will be a lot business transacted, chief among which will be the details of the Dodge Brothers price cut to be announced Thursday morning.Following the convention in which 2000 dealers will participate many of them will head for the New York show on Saturday.